4 Guidelines To Use When Choosing Scholarships by Edgar Radjabli

Edgar Radjabli
3 min readNov 10, 2021


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For both marketing and philanthropic reasons, a lot of companies and businesses today invest in scholarships for needy students. It is a way of giving back to the community and also inspiring loyalty among the locals for the business or services offered. Students are encouraged to hunt for scholarship programs and apply to those they have chances of winning. Since these scholarships are for bright students, you have to score a GPA if over 3.0 to be eligible. You however need to be totally prepared for the application process and here are some of the factors that you must keep in mind when looking for and applying scholarships today.


A strong GPA is what most sponsors need when offering scholarship awards to needy students. You must therefore be consistent with your good performance in school. Students are needed to have GPA of at least 3.0 or 3.5 before qualifying for a scholarship award. You should know by now that scholarships are meant for needy students who have no means whatsoever to finance their college education. To avoid the risk of being dropped out of the scholarship program, you might also want to maintain quality performance in your new school.

Your financial limitations

Insufficient tuition money is the reason why you are applying for a scholarship in the first place and more often than not you may not get what you want. You should however not stop paying attention to details like the amount you will be awarded for tuition and also support for out of school living. According to Edgar Radjabli, the quality of the scholarship should be seductive to you and that means foregoing partial scholarship offers to check the full scholarship awards that come your way. With most scholarships, you also have to prove that the income of your family is below the states amount using tangible evidence like tax documents and payroll stubs.

Geographic boundaries

Common sponsors in the market today look forward to inviting the students they sponsor for both internship and employment opportunities in their organization. When applying for scholarships, find out if it works for you area of interest a students from one area may not be eligible for scholarships in other places. There are also universal scholarship offers which mean you can learn anywhere in the world provided you have no issue with travelling away from home for your studies.

Field of interest

As a scholar, you should have dreams of what you wanted to do when in college. Due to life limitations, chances are you miss the course you want and instead settle for another alternative. The field of your interests matter when you are looking for a scholarship as different scholarships are course specific. If the scholarship you are enrolling for is enough to support you through the course you desire to do, then it is the best for you. It can however be hard if you are only sponsored for business courses while you goal was to do engineering courses.



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