Edgar Radjabli: Importance Of Regular Dental Care

Edgar Radjabli
3 min readJan 29, 2022


Not everyone is motivated to visit a dentist regularly, as they think that their dentist visits will just give them pain. It is not the case, as dentists like Edgar Radjabli’s job is to make sure that you are getting the best dental care and not to bring pain to your mouth.

If up until this time, you are not as convinced that going to a dentist is something that you need to do regularly, it is strongly advised that you read on the importance of regular dental visits below.

Why Visit A Dentist Regularly

Some think that the only time they need to go to a dentist is if they feel a sharp pain in any part of their mouth. It is not the case, as visiting a dentist regularly is something that you need to do and consider as a practice.

Moving on, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy if you visit a dentist regularly:

  • It can fix dental issues before they go beyond unrepairable

Fixing dental issues before they go beyond the unrepairable state is one of the benefits of a regular dental visit. Why would you put your teeth in danger of being pulled out if there is a chance that they can be saved using different procedures? A dentist can identify problems even before it occurs, they will administer procedures to avoid anything grave to happen.

  • It can boost confidence

Sure, having a set of beautiful teeth can surely give people the confidence to smile and face the crowd. Your confidence will go down if there are too many spaces in between your teeth, or you have many rotten teeth that are left untreated,

Being confident is just one of the benefits of having a complete set of teeth, other benefits include ease of landing on your dream job, and looking more attractive in the eyes of people around you.

  • It is cheaper

Yes, it is cheaper as a regular dental visit can avoid you of paying huge dental fees for graver dental issues. Some tooth problems are easier and cheaper to resolve if treatment just happened immediately the problem started. Instead of simple pasta, you may need a denture as the tooth needs to be pulled out already.

If you want to save up, missing your dentist schedule is not the solution.

  • It minimizes the chance of pain

Toothache can be one of the worst pains you can feel in your lifetime. When your tooth is aching, you cannot move, you cannot do anything, you will feel like your whole body is aching, and taking painkillers may just be a temporary solution.

Do not put yourself in a painful situation that is very hard to handle. Visit your dentist regularly so they can fix whatever is needed to be fixed right before it starts and give you traumatic pain.

Do not take regular dental checkups for granted, as it is very important and can provide you with so many benefits that you would never want to miss.



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