How Data Analytics Can Help Business Succeed

Edgar Radjabli
3 min readFeb 10, 2022

As a dentist, Edgar Radjabli understands how crucial his profession is, hence finding ways to make sure that he will improve and provide the best kind of dental care services to his patients.

In life, to whatever you pursue, you have to make sure that you are putting your heart and mind in it like Dr. Radjabli. If you open up a business, you always have to find ways to make sure that your business is not only operational but also thriving for you and the rest of your employees. Using different tools is recommended to make sure that your business is running exactly as how it should be.

One of the most useful business tools is data analytics. This is being used by many companies as it serves them a lot of help in terms of proper management of their business.

If you own a business and still not using it, read below:

  • It fixes the problem

Yes, it fixes the problem, as this analysis confirms not just the problem itself but the root cause. Fixing the root cause of the problem can help businesses not only solve the issue but make sure that it won’t occur again.

If problems are solved without identifying the root cause, they will just occur again. Data analytics can find out the root cause and fix it using data.

  • It analyses data for better results in the future

What needs to be done? What adjustments should be made to get better results in the future? What should be avoided? This provides businesses with an opportunity to improve their plans by analyzing the data from the past years.

The company is allowed to find out what needs to be done to improve its future actions and decisions.

  • It minimizes errors in the future

Since data has been provided, businesses have more accurate ways of determining the right actions and decisions to be made in the future. Without data, trial and error may be needed to arrive at a good resolution.

The data analysis can help businesses avoid any errors, especially those that were already made previously.

Why would you take the risk of committing errors if there is a way for your business to move on and decide what is best for your company for most, if not, all of the time.

  • It is based on facts and actual data

Since what you can get from the analysis is actual data, you are more on the accurate result, responses, and action plans. You are not blinded as there is data to help you in managing your business.

There are a lot of things a business can get from using data analytics, and it is highly recommended that they make use of it not only when deciding on an important or big matter in their business but throughout the time their business is operational. There is no better way to run a business, than making all the decisions based on data and facts.



Edgar Radjabli

Dentist and Entrepreneur. Boca Raton, Florida.